12 tháng 3 2011

Mail trong đêm không ngủ của anh Đinh Văn Phước

Sent: Saturday, March 12, 2011 4:31 AM

Anh Tho,
Sau day la thu toi viet cho ban nguoi nuoc ngoai:
It is over midnight now in Tokyo and I am sitting at my office room typing this mail to everybody.
Today I presided a Nation-wide Sales Meeting when the Earthquake came. It shaked the building both vertically and horizontally, the amplitude is large and the cycle is long. The duration is terribly long amplying my fear that the building will collapse. But fortunately it did not... You might cannot imagine but believe-me-or-not, you cannot do anything but to stay at your existing position. We have had to wait for the shaking die-down. But it lasted very long, the longest time lap I ever experienced during my half century long living in Japan. Since 2:40 PM we still have to face many many "residual" earthquakes even during the time I am typing this mail.
In several northern towns and sea-side villages, over 10 m high TSUNAMI swept over and cleaned off a large part of them. It needs time to have the accurate statistic of human losses...
I decided not to leave but to stayed at the Head Office Building with about 20 other colleagues including several office ladies. Trains were out of service. Travel by car is possible but you have to take risk of horrible traffic JAM. And it proves that my decision was right: 2 hours later we got phone from colleague who decided to leave by car, saying that they are barely at less than half-way of their journey. So tonight I will take a rest at my office.
TV dua tin 350 nguoi chet, 550 nguoi mat tich/
Sendai dang bi chay du doi.
Nagano khoang 4:05 vua qua dong dat M6+, Nigata M6-, nghia la ca Plate Honshu va Hokkaido dang bi Plate Thai Binh Duong day ve phia Luc Dia Trung Quoc,
Nha May phat dien Nguyen tu Fukushima No. 1 dang co dau hieu truc trac bat buoc phai "xa" ap suat nhiem phong xa ra ngoai khi quyen, tuy nhien Nha nuoc tuyen bo khong co anh huong tai hai cho suc khoe dan chung?!
Mot so tuyen duong xe dien ngam va xe dien do tu nhan kinh doanh (shitetsu) da di vao hoat dong,
Mot dem khong ngu
DV Phuoc

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