17 tháng 3 2011

YES, You are right ! (Mail mới nhất từ anh Đinh Văn Phước--Tokyo)

Anh Tho,
Dang le phai viet bang tieng Viet nhung toi khong co thoi gio, xin post buc thu moi nhat cua toi gui ban nguoi nuoc ngoai...
(nhận ngày 17/03/2011-lúc 15:30 giờ VN)

Yes, You are right!
Everynight back from work, watching the News with many heart-breaking scenes and stories, wifes, husbands... wandering about tirely, searching for their beloved ones with wet eyes, when interviewed by the Media, they put out words without phrases...  at the ruins left behind by the merciless TSUNAMI... the weather in those areas is turning sour... winter is coming back, pouring more snows on those miserable people who are already fallen into the hell!, what can I say.. my eyes get wet?!
And now all the six nuclear reactors (whether they are in active or at rest when they were hit by the TSUNAMI) are showing signs of melt-down (I have very little knowledge on this matter), even if they are not to that worse extent, they are in fact not brought to "under control", they might at anytime erupt, blow into the atmostphere not only a high level of radiation but radioactive dusts or ashes (fallout) which are unsustainable to all living creature (including beast and human being).
Scientists and Engineers and many walk of people are working hard nights- and-day... to control the situation. The situation is extremely serious indeed, And yet the society itself is extremely in order. NO looting, NO shooting... This shows the real value of the civilisation & culture of the Japanese society.
This early morning, just at the time I had to leave home for work site which is located at central of Tokyo (almost 100 minute by trains & subway) I could not help but to delay a few minutes to listen to the Emperor' s  address (in person) to the whole nation, in which he also reserved a part to refer to the admiration from abroad about the "disciplined" (I am not sure to use the correct word) behaviour of the people and asked people fostering further the solidarity in natioanl scale to overcome this difficult time. I could reconigze his emotion appearing in his stuck voice!!!
Thank you very much your warm and heartfelt offer of helps in sending necessary stuffs, and although I personally do not have stock of foods at home but I think I should manage to play the survival game together with the people. 
Frank Kato (DVPhuoc)

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